Born in 1980. Lives and works in Paris.

The “Creations Messageres”.


William Amor’s artistic work takes birth in the will to take the current upcycling trend further and to place art in the service of Ecology. William Amor uses wasted materials to invent floral works of art called Les Créations Messagères. Driven by a foundness for both commitment and aesthetics, he transforms plastic pollution and creates his artistic signature by developing his own techniques learnt from the art and crafts. This everyday waste turns into exceptional pieces, that carry both sense and values. While raising awareness among the polluting over-consumption production, William Amor distills a touch of beauty and poetry. William Amor’s leitmotif is all about creating a meaning and bringing the light to essential values that could be forgotten in nowadays society.

More than 10 years ago, William Amor’s creations were born from a poetic metamorphosis of abandoned plastic materials found in the nature. Plastic waste is a terrible symbol of our society excesses and has catastrophic effects on all the living beings. It is a heresy to consider an indestructible material from non-renewable resources as a single-use material. A value judgment that has serious consequences. William’s creations then present themselves as poetic messengers, emotion makers and eager to change the way we look at things. A naughty plastic waste can become the most beautiful and sensual thing on earth : a pretty, fragile and graceful flower.

The notions of humanism are also at the heart of William Amor’s approach. He chose to open the horizons of disabled persons by working with an ESAT (a center providing care through employment) which is welcoming 105 people and thus to open the horizons of people with disabilities by training them in his unique know-how and techniques. The Franco-British Sillery Foundation, who manages the ESAT, supports William Amor in the pursuit of his ethical project, which is meaningful and linked to major societal issues.