Angèle Guerre is a visual artist. Born in 1988, Angèle Guerre graduated the Beaux Arts de Paris school. Drawing is a way to cut the surface. It is scratching behind an antique mirror or making an incision in the paper. The objective is to make visible a material and to produce another space. It is a protection which fades or crumbles off, a skin which swells and thus a sensation which is suggested. Angèle Guerre interrogates the memory of textures and pattern, rhythm, pulsation, repetition, and therefore let her compositions slowly build up from itself. The long and meditative practice of the drawing paradoxically allows to compose very dynamic spaces. The agitation takes shape from a slow gesture. In her work, the tools used are the consequence of this slowness as these instruments impact on the work by the exiguity of their imprints. Then, as that these marks become striking, Angèle Guerre accumulates them, merge, weave and exaggerate on paper. With the multiplication and densification of these marks, it becomes skin, texture, element or surface. In her drawings, nothing is true, no horizon exists. Nevertheless, it consists in seen, observed and real-life landscapes.