Alice Pallot, French photographer, born in 1995, lives and works between Brussels and Paris. Graduated with a Master II degree in photography at ENSAV La Cambre in 2018, she also studied at L’Ecal during the year 2017.

In a time when natural resources are being depleted, we have everything to learn from a vegetal world on which the survival and future of mankind depends. Alice Pallot’s work questions the links between the sciences developed by Man and a constantly changing natural environment, as well as the ambiguity of the relationship we have with our environment. Between exploitation and protection, appropriation and adaptation, Alice Pallot seeks to open up new perspectives. It is through photographs that could almost be described as mystical, that she raises questions intrinsically linked to our time. As she researches, expeditions and experiments, Alice Pallot’s photographs become witnesses of a new and future era.