Live and work in Paris


The design studio Undo-Redo meets two artistic directors Nicola Aguzzi and Teresa Gasperutti. For 2006, Undo-Redo draws signs, builts forms, designs picture stories. In each project, they seek meaning, aesthetic coherence and elegance. From visual identities to publications, from signage to websites, Undo-Redo muses ideas and experiences its approach of design in every field of visual design. Attentive to detail, close to the beauty of materials, interested in the exploration of craftsmanship, Undo-Redo designs each project as a unique object. Thus, they like to work from conception to production, to custom-made creations while working closely with their customers. Undo-Redo also brings together passionate partners – photographers, designers, graphic designers, illustrators, art buyers, webmasters - and specialised suppliers, thanks to their knowledge and their love of the profession, contribute to the achievement of these unique creations.