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    For the third time in a row, Soline d'Aboville designs for the Chaudun House its summer windows 2016.

  • 1olat de la Maison Chaudun : bouchons de pêche, bouées, filets sont autant d\'objets détournés pour mettre en scène une mer

    The theme addressed is the sea and declines the chocolate mouldings in various forms : floats, rubber rings, fishnets are displayed around as to decorate a sea of chocolate !

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    Soline d'Aboville designed the shape of "Chocolate Rabbits", the newest Easter collection by the Chaudun House. Those rabbits are all about sweet curves, mat or sprinkled ! Photography : © Alban Couturier

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    For the arrival of Spring, the windows of the Chaudun House freshen up : a poetic nature invades the windows and becomes a beautiful setting for the Easter creations of the House.

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    At odds with the usual habits in gastronomy circles, this generous decor, fun and colourful, serves the repositioning of the Chaudun House towards a more contemporary vision of the love of good food... and especially chocolate !.

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    Chaudun House windows : 149 University Street, Paris, 75007.

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    Chaudun House windows : 149 University Street, Paris, 75007.

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    Chaudun House windows : 149 University Street, Paris, 75007.

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    To celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2016, the Master Chocolatier Michel Chaudun decided on a makeover.

    The new windows designed by Soline d'Aboville are a tribute to the chef and conveys its savoir-faire

    and the lightness of a throwback to childhood.

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    The collections are showcased in fun and colorful sets that bring to life the space.

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    Famous cobblestones on University street are compared with a giant Scrabble, Paris becomes the decor of a miniature car game and chocolate figures take off in a big wheel worthy of the one Place de la Concorde.