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    During the refurbishment of the Aiglon Hotel situated in the heart of Montparnasse, Mathilde Jonquière created a mosaic mural for the Art-Deco facade of the building, as well 42 bespoke mosaics for the hotel’s bathrooms.

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    Hôtel Aiglon. Fresco on the facade of the Art-Déco building.

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    The first ten mosaics were figurative drawings inspired by the theme of the Herbes Folles from the 30. Each blade of grass is incrusted with tesserae, highlighting the movement of the wind blowing in the leaves, echoing with the trees surrounding the hotel.

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    The last drawings were more graphic and refined : tone-one circles, that represent water drops or ripples in the water, linkes with the story theme of the mosaic on the facade.

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    Hôtel Aiglon. Fresco in on of the 42 bathrooms.