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    Mathilde Jonquière mosaics are freed from their prior allocations - decorate, embellish, — to explore further a new territory of creation. She inscribes poetry in this conglomerate of material, enchanting concrete.

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    For several years nows, Mathilde Jonquière has her heart set on concrete. Revolutionising the academic canons of her carft, she bypasses the usual settings by playing with mat and shiny, fade and colorful, empty and full.

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    She invades the gap, the distance, the in-between colourless and downgraded to glorify what is happening there. She alters her use of concrete : by reaffirming its organic nature, instead of granting it a simple functionnal use, -a support, or a base-, and frees it to an artistic extent.

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    Her look is fixed upon this space, on which her hand will act : the cement joining elements altogether in a composition, takes up space and encroaches on the surgace, becoming the main agent of this composition.

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    Converted to concrete, the gap occupies the space, and enters into the light.

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    Insula Gallery, exhibition "Béton perlé".

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    Insula Gallery, exhibition "Béton perlé".