• 12

    Mathilde Jonquière unveils her news pieces which theme is White Feathers and Black Scales,

    made of stoneware, enamels from Venice and golden tessera. "Big scales".

  • 9

    "Black Scales" : Artesanal black and bronce glass paste cut in organic forms, Black stoneware and gold Venitian tessera 24 carats.

  • 10

    "Black shagreen" : Gloss glass paste, cobalt blue glass, black cut gem, vitrified stoneware, black enamel, gold tessera 24 carats.

  • 3-13-25-22

    "Feathers" : Pur white, anthracite grey and black artesanal opalescent, glass enamels cut in calisson, white stoneware, gold home-made tessera, Venitian gold 24 carats.