Lives and works in Paris


Graduatef from Camondo Art School, Mathilde Jonquière sets up her first studio in 2000 in Paris. There she drew and created unique large scale mosaics with precious materials : Venetian enamel, glass paste and 24-carat gold tesserae. For each of her projects, she begins with a watercolour. She then cuts each tessera individually and finishes by installing the mosaic in its designated space. Combining technical knowledge and artistic sensibility, she knows how to adapt, and for each piece offers a bespoke project, similar to an haute couture creation.


Attentive to her clients' needs, she transforms their world into graphic, visual and poetic mosaic impregnated with sophistication and elegance. Her style is defined by drawings of circles, dots and other light shapes that multiply, confront each other, rush into one another to the point that they become interlacing. This encounter of organic forms triggers movement which seems like a choreography of materials. Her knowledge of colours allows her to astutely use and combine nuance, tone-on-tone, monochromes and contrasts. Also, her knowledge of materials gives her works an original and unique dimension which reveals the space and catches the light.