• plumassier

    Julien Vermeulen will soon be at the Viaduc des Arts ! ! Very passionate about his work as a plumassier, he was chosen as an ambassador in the 3rd campaign L'Artisanat by the Fonds National de Promotion et de Communication de l'Artisanat (FNPCA).

  • bado

    The BADO SENSHI, "bird warrior" in japanese, is a feather armor inspired by a traditional samourai armor. L70xl60xH150 cm. Feathers, silicone, aluminium, coton.

  • eventail

    Julien Vermeulen creates the Klimt pattern made of black and gold ostrich feathers for Maison Duvelleroy, french fan specialist in Paris.

  • piece-jointe

    Julien Vermeulen : fan made of a tie and dye of blue ostrich feathers for Maison Duvelleroy.

  • evental-autruche-bleu

    Julien Vermeulen : fan made of blue and light blue ostrich feathers for Maison Duvelleroy.

  • via_0_0

    Julien Vermeulen and the designer Pierre Charrié will exhibit their creation baptised « Nuto » on the 5 April 2017 à partir de 18 h at the Institut Français of Milano, on the occasion of the operation « Le French Design, no taste for bad taste ». This project, lead by the Ameublement Français and the VIA, aims at highlighting the french edition and fabrication and consecrates french values in order to promote them. This initiative will travel across the world for 4 years, hence representing the artists internationally.

  • jvermeulen-musee-de-la-chasse-ours2

    La Fête de l’Ours organisée par le Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature célèbre le passage de l’hiver et la métamorphose. Invited to this occasion, Julien Vermeulen a réalisé une fausse peau d’ours en plumes d’autruche exposée pour l’occasion.