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    On the occasion of its 60 years, the famous cheese entrusted several designers with the creation of limited edition 60 boxes. Ich&Kar reinvents the iconic angels in their emblematic Mister Spaghetti !

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    Pattern : Whimsical angels float around, geometric lines and forms entangle in beautiful ornaments !

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    Geometry : Ich&Kar is all about geometry ! Pavements have no more secrets for the duo ; gastronomic maths, a delight for food lovers.

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    Sun : Because Caprice des Dieux must be savored under the sun, Ich&Kar allies warmth and love of good food.

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    Angel : For the last series, Ich&Kar draws the line of a cheese love story in white chalk. Sleepy angels come out in white lines in the manner of Matisse, crowning the packaging.

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    Ich&Kar presents Roulez Jeunesse ! With a first collaboration behind them, back in 2015, ERAM and Ich&Kar chose to put young artists on a pedestal with the design of two tote bags and a notebook in the colors of the beginning of the new school term. Sarah Andreacchio, Marion Lacourt and Atelier Bingo worked in collaboration with the artistic designers in order to galvanise us all, ready for September 2016 !

  • invitation

    Le Cercle des Dianes federates galeries form the Carré Rive Gauche as well as quality houses sharing a common love for Beauty and Good. On this occasion, the new curator Alexandre Piatti wished to innovate and marked this edition 2016 of the Parcours Rive Gauche by a very feminine theme : "Woman(en) ».

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    Ich & Kar thought up a new kind of experience: a cultural and gastronomic cercle within the Carré Rive Gauche, destined to celebrate feminity. The style guide designed by Ich & Kar conveys and renew the iconography of the mythical figure of the hunting goddess Diana..

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    Inspired bibliophiles, Ich & Kar borrows their illustrations to rare and forgotten XIXth century book « Diane de Poitiers et son château D’Anet ». More than 100 illustrations to put together with humour , shed the old skin of the past, Diana is a style figure embedded in Ich & Kar's vocabulary !

  • tote bag  ROSE

    ICH&KAR is ready for this 2015 school term with ERAM !

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    The color block ERAM totebags, sky blue or pastel pink, are the best accessories this autumn.

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    The duo designed a collection for students : notebooks and pencils with geometrical patterns and bright colors.

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    As part of the D'Days Design Festival 2015, Yves Mirande and Fabien Vallerian, curators of the Sèvres Café Sébastien Gaudard, naturally turned to Ich&Kar for a new strong visual identity.

  • Impression

    To combine two worlds and two temporalities, Ich&Kar designed a monogram with two entangled "s"

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    Sèvres Café - Visual identity

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    Sèvres Café - Visual identity

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    Ich&Kar designed the "All at once" menu, both dictionary and explanatory booklet. Dissaminated objects stamped by the Manufacture de Sèvres decorate the room. The reader can learn about each piece thanks to the legends written in the booklet. The last pages tell the fictional experience of a dandy : The Café de Sèvres becomes the scene of an imaginary short story.

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    « Café de Sèvres by Sébastien Gaudard », 24 Place de Vosges, from the 2 to 4 June 2015.

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    After visiting the Manufacture de Sèvres and its ateliers, Sébastien Gaudard found his inspiration in Marie-Antoinette's famous "bol sein", which he reinveted as a gourmet pastry.

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    Christofle artistic director asked Ich&Kar to design a series of letters to adorn birth timbales. The idea is to renew the genre of the engraved lettrine, and reinvent the birth timbale.

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    Ich&Kar is up to the challenge with those two collections, each celebrating in its own way the birth of the dearest one.

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    "Royal Initials" as a nod to the child king, letters adorned with crowns, each unique in its kind and more beautiful than the others.

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    Birth Timbales with Royal Lettering - Christofle

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    Christofle offers a unique way of customising silver medals, thanks to engraving -here, the Sun Lettering-.

  • mur-des-jubilation-ichetkar

    The raw material and the even color strike the chord of laughter and perpetuate the state of jubilation.

    Jubilation Wall, Design Biennial, Saint-Etienne, 2013.

  • age-de-faire_mg_3741

    Ich&Kar designed a bas-relief, echo of a hundred laughters : raucous, light, sustained laughter, roar with laughter...

    The jacquard effect puts an emphasis on the contagiousness of laughter, engraved in concrete.

  • age-de-faire_mg_3713

    Jubilations Wall, Design Biennial in Saint-Etienne, March 2013. Particules Age 14.


    Mikado King Choco and Colette - Limited Edition Box


    Mikado King Choco and Colette - Limited Edition Box


    Mikado King Choco and Colette - Limited Edition Box


    Ricard - Limited Edition


    Remedy to collapse - Brand artistic direction

  • pdw2015_ichetkar-rvb

    For the third time in a row, Ich&Kar designed the Paris Design Week T-shirt. As a response to the main theme of this year, "Precious", Ich&Kar opened up the gates of reflexion about what's worth nowadays : time !

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    Ich&Kar : PARIS DESIGN WEEK fashion tee 2013.