Born in 1985 Pithiviers, France.

Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.


These “Small natures” are vertical vegetal ambiances superimposing
wallpaper and fresh or stabilised vegetal volumes.
In this reinvented nature, the victorian pattern printed on the wallpaper and the wild grass gleaned here and there convey wildness and elegance.

According to the needs, the budget of the chosen vegetals, “Small natures” create a unique and tailor-made atmosphere.

The vegetal installations made of stabilised flowers are maintenance-free and can remain perfectly fresh for years.




Graduate of the School of Arts and Landscape Techniques, Du Breuil School, Paris.

Graduate of the Chambre Syndicale in Paris Florists.

Studied ceramics at the School of Visual Arts La Cambre, Brussels.

Studied ceramics at the Art School of Uccle, Belgium.

My current research feed on horticultural academic precepts received at the School Du Breuil and coming from my artistic career.

It brings expertise related to plants and an experimental posture linked to sensations, memories and intimate.

I take inspiration from roadsides uncultivated landscapes, luxuriant nature, fragile and common nature of the railway edges.




2011 Course "Little Paradise", Paris

2012 Exhibition "Absent", Tools Gallery, Paris

2012 International Festival of Culinary Photography

2013 Personal exhibition, Octave Cowbell Gallery, Metz

2013 "Cahors June Garden", Vegetal Installation, Cahors

2013 "Intimate Campaign", Personal exhibition, Centre of artistic experiments, Bazouges La Perouse

2013 Ceramic Exhibition, Galerie Items, Knokke Le Zoute, Belgium

2013 "Modo" Parcours, Vegetal installation in Carine Gilson’s boutique, Brussels

2014 Vegetal installation for Alice Knackfuss’s Automn-Winter 2015 collection

2015 Auction for « L’art pour l’accueil » Association

2015 Installation in Marie-Christine Dawance’s window, Brussels